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Great Grandma aka Bopsie Sarah
  My great grandmother, who we used to call Boopsie for some reason was a very kind lady. Whenever we would go to her house for a visit at some point all the children would assemble around her (usually she'd be in bed) and she would tell us the story of how she came to America from Poland. The Jews were persecuted there so her parents sent her to the U.S. when she was 12. She worked in a sweat shop for very long hours only to make a few cents a day. But she worked hard and eventually married and had four children, on of which was my grandfather who lived with us in the downstairs apartment. It was amazing that I actually knew one of the family members who first brought our family to these shores! Some of my family had been here a few generations before she came. And a few came after her. She made little dogs out of knitting and used to make bottle covers and such. She baked a little bread when I was born. We kept it in the bread box. It lasted until I was 16 years old which is amazing. We used to call it my brother. She died shortly before the bread died. Maybe it was only meant to last while she was alive.

[Twilight Zone music}

That's about all I remember. She used to sing some Yiddish songs while I played guitar. And of course she was there at my Bar Mitzvah! We took a 4 generation picture with me, my parents, my grandparents, and her!

"Those were the days my friend ..."
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 19.05.2009
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