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  I forgot that we were in the same class that year! We had three teachers because I think we were supposed to be Darvin's class and she went out on maternity leave. That still happens in public schools. It is a good career for women who want to have children because they can leave for 6 months and get back in. First we had Jacoby but I think she was older and was only doing it until they found a longer term sub. I forget who was next. Isn't that weird? Then I think Darvin came back at the end of the year. I had her again in 6th grade. She was kind of humorless as I recall. I remember Sandy Binder as being the slicker teacher who kids were more excited about. But my memory isn't that clear from that time. Yet I can see a few things in my mind's eye now that I'm thinking about it.

My Bar Mitzvah service was at Temple Sinai in Lawrence, NY. The party was at a catering hall called the Carlyle. We picked a place that no one else did to make it different. It was a big event in my life at that time. I remember it snowed heavily that night. I made a speech and said something about how we all may be spending the night there and everyone laughed. I remember a food fight developed on the dais table that got me upset. I remember one of our neighbors, a girl probably in her early 20's who I never saw dressed up before. She had a low cut dress and long, long nails. I guess that was considered classy in Brooklyn in the seventies. I think the band let me play a number with them on guitar. Maybe "Proud Mary"? I remember the candle lighting. The bands used to play jazzy riffs as people came up. Today they often have DJs who play rock, etc.

I just went to my niece's Bat Mitzvah about a week ago. Things haven't changed all that much. Now they have DJ's and dancers. It's really loud and hard for the adults to talk. But I think it still makes memories for the kids that they hopefully will cherish.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 16.05.2009
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