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Sign of the Times
  Last night I played one of those gigs that I have done annually for a while. It was the annual benefit for the Academy of Rome, one of the most prestigious charity events of the year in New York. In the past few years we had 25 strings plus piano but this year they hired a string quartet. 26 musicians down to 4!

They say that this is happening all over New York, and probably around the country and the world. Due to the economic collapse it is considered a faux pas to have lavish parties of events. But there is a flip side to it. How is it helping the economy to hire 4 musicians instead of 26? What people don't realize is that events are a business that employs a lot of people. You have musicians, florists, caterers, wait staff, planners, and a host of other related businesses. I can understand that it looks bad to throw a lavish party while people are loosing their jobs, but on the other hand, isn't it better for rich people to spend their money to help those who are struggling, rather than horde it until the next boom?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 16.04.2009
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