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The European Model
  That sounds much better. In the U.S. as you probably know many people become doctors, perhaps most of them, because it is one of the few ways to make a lot of money and not have to actually own your own business. You go to school for a few extra years, do a residency and get sleep deprived for a few more years, and then you start to make more money than most middle class people. They are still far from what is really rich. Maybe top surgeons reach multi-millionaire status, but most make about the same as a lawyer. Big deal. But they are so bankrupt morally that they feel they have to show off every penny. So they drive around in Mercedes, BMW's and Jaguars. They buy expensive clothes. They put extra plants in their lawns. They do anything that shows everybody else that they have "money". It's so sad really. First of all if they had "real" money they could be driving Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, etc. If they had "real" money they wouldn't have a "lawn" with extra plants, but an estate with 20 acres. The only people they impress are the middle and lower middle class people. The really rich know that they are a glorified working class. Their attitude is totally unjustified and only proves that they went into medicine for the wrong reasons. I applaud the European model as you stated it. If we had that kind of system we could get really good people who really want to help others into the medical profession, and let those who are driven by money get out there and open a real business. I wonder how many doctors could actually make it in the real business world.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 05.04.2009
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