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Doctor Schmoctor
  What is it with doctors? I mean there are good ones, but so many seem to have an attitude as thick as their skulls. I had a doctor once insult me saying that he saved lives all day and I am just a musician. A few months later he was found cheating on his wife (even though they have kids) and he is now supporting her in his old house while living with his girlfriend and her kids! Yeah ... saving lives all day!

I spent as much time, if not more, studying music than most of these folks did medicine. I have a lot more credits than a degree from a school! Big deal, you went to school a few more years. The fact of the matter is, most of what they do is stick tongue depressors in peoples mouths, put on their headphones (stethoscopes) and listen to people breath, and hand out drugs! Some save lives, but even surgeons are basically glorified tailors. There is nothing that they do that makes them better than anyone else, and to tell you the truth I always thought that nurses were treated like crap by the medical establishment. They are often the ones on the front line, the ones you really need when you are in distress, the ones who really care. If I were the president I would lobby to raise their salaries and lower the pay for doctors. Why should the practice of medicine be a venue for egotistical jerks to make a "killing" and drive around in Jaguars with snotty attitudes. Believe me, anyone can be a doctor, but none of them can be Von Cello! Yet I don't lord around my talents. I'm too big to act that small.

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 04.04.2009
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