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!without headline!
  life is life..maybe stu or neil has moved on.are u still in tuch with korman?
on facebook lil cliks are forming as we used to do back 100 yrs in canarsie..really no shit!!
snob girls are again snobs even tho they are 52 yr old 200 pound beasts..and girls who were she fat ugly but now are vavavooom! are still shy and i guess wen in facebook canarsie,they regress to seeing themselves as fat ugly..outsiders..

yeslast yr my step bro needed a boost and i set up a google spreadsheet for his business.. now hes raking it in!
hes paying 4 my tkt to miami this summer.

did u ask stu wat had happened?

my best moment on facebook was a girl(a nurse) with initials mb.who was denied friendship from a girl9a doctor) she used to wrote on her wall,,"you were never a friend of mine and ill wave hello as i pass in my jag the hospital where you work the midnight shift as a nurse.

so sweet
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 04.04.2009
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