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Steven Marcus is NOT a carcass
  Hey Steve, I have to say, of all my friends from Canarsie you are the one who has done more to help publicize Von Cello and I really do appreciate that. I get notifications about new pages that mention Von Cello and Aaron Minsky and I sometimes see a page that you created or a place where you made a post. I always smile.

Stu Troyetsky just threw a Bat Mitzvah for his daughter. For the first time I was not invited to a family occasion. I may be reading more into it than I should but I think that is a sign that in his mind I am no longer a close friend. In truth we don't keep in touch much. Everything he ever said to me about Von Cello was negative anyway. I take that as a kind of jealousy. Often friends don't want to see another succeed or get beyond where they are. It is great when you find the real friends who are happy at the success of another. Even when I was dirt poor I was always happy when I saw a friend get a nice car or buy a house or get a good break. I would never put anyone down for trying something. Even if I didn't like what they did I would encourage them and say, "Hey keep up the good work!"

So, in conclusion, I feel that you are not a carcass after all.

The End.

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 03.04.2009
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