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The Bach Goes On
  They say the beat goes on, but so does the Bach. LN, do you know of Steven Isserlis? He is an English cellist who performs around the world. He did a masterclass at the NY Cello Society this week. He is a Schumann expert and I found his comments most enlightening. But he admitted that if he could only hear one composer for the rest of his life it would be Bach. Those who really understand music stand in awe of Bach, and time only makes his music sound more amazing.

I gave Steven a copy of my Judaic Concert Suite. He seemed happy to get it. He mentioned during the class that D minor was his favorite key, and as fate would have it, the suite is in D minor. He also mentioned that he was Jewish. Home run!

I was impressed with Bach's Six Suites for Cello. They are probably the most famous collection of cello pieces ever written. One of the reasons I wrote cello suites was to add to this history. I don't know how long my pieces will remain in the cello repertoire, but I have a feeling they will be there for a long time. I knew I could not write a Cantata or Orchestral Suite anywhere close to Bach, but I think my cello suites show even more of an understanding of the capacity of the cello, even if the music itself is on a simpler level.

And tomorrow Jeffrey Solow will be performing Dead Cello at Bargemusic! Should be a very exciting show. Through our efforts the Dead will live forever in the cello repertoire. Who knows, maybe 300 years from now, my Dead Cello will be the only thing people remember from them. Now, wouldn't THAT be something!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 12.03.2009
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