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Hi Tink!
  I always liked Bernard Haitink. He had the opposite philosophy of Toscaninni. Toscaninni presented himself as the great master and the musicians were expected to follow his every move. He had a presence that scared the musicians and there was an intense edge to his music making that was striking. But Haitink had the belief that the musicians were colleagues with the conductor and that his job was to help the orchestra find its own interpretation. His sound is much freer than Toscannini's and often has more genuine emotion.

The problem with Toscaninni's model is that a lot of conductors thought they could act like him yet they didn't have the talent to back it up. Therefore playing in orchestras was often like being in a dictatorship run by a fool (as many are). I like Haitink's approach much better and I hope his concept spreads. Growing up as a rock fan I liked the camaraderie of the Beatles and the Dead. Music was about friends getting together and expressing themselves. It was not about being controlled by a maniacal idiot who got off on pushing his weight around. For this reason, I did not last long as an orchestra player.

Sounds like there are maniacs on Facebook too!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 09.03.2009
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