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Grateful Mitzvah
  The Canarsie people who check out this page probably remember Neal Ferenc. He is now a lawyer living in Vermont but when we were in high school he was as big a Grateful Dead fan as anyone. In fact, I almost failed math one semester when the two of us sat next to each other and sang Dead songs quietly during every math class. When I transitioned into classical cello and other types of music, Neal stayed true to the Dead and still is a regular concert goer, often traveling hours to see them.

Neal got my email about the Dead Cello concert and he said I was doing a "mitzvah" by bringing the music of the Grateful Dead into the classical repertoire.

I didn't realize I was doing a MITZVAH but now I feel even more proud of this accomplishment!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 06.03.2009
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