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Bloch should be played more often
  It was, and then in Israel of all places, and with a probably all-Jewish orchestra (the Israel Philharmonic) at that - a very moving experience ...

Weird too, 'cs I travelled (alone, which other kibbutz volunteer was as crazy?) to Tel Aviv the 2.5 hours right after work, cashed a precious traveller cheque (those days ...) to be able to afford such an expensive ticket, gasped at the utter contrast between the kibbutz life I was used to and the Thomas Mann auditorium setting and audience, stayed in a very modest youth hostel near the beach, sneaked out before breakfast, couldnot resist a quick swim in the Meditteranean, and hopped on a very early bus back to work/business as usual, BUT sandwiched in between was this most magnificent happening! Maisky even also played the Dvorak concerto that night! I remember seeing the ad in the Jerusalem Post newspaper .. and freaking out.

Hey, I donot know the Leonard Rose version. Put that on my list.
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 27.02.2009
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