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Free Money
  I guess Israel should accept Evangelical charity. Of course I've spoken to Jews, generally liberals, who feel that such money is tainted because they believe that Evangelicals only want to support Israel because they believe that the Jews have to be back there before Jesus returns and sends them all into hell. But I have argued that even if that is what some, or many, Evangelicals believe, so what. Take the money and run!

There is evidence of a new view in Christianity that accepts that people who don't believe in Jesus can get into heaven. I think that is a step forward. But there are Christians who worry that such a step will weaken the argument that people must believe in Jesus.

Judaism doesn't have this issue because:
1. it's what you do that counts, not what you believe
2. Jews are not looking to convert others

Many world religions seem to need to constantly grow, yet they are so big already. I think they are afraid that if even a trickle start to leave the faith, the whole thing will collapse. That would suggest that they are not built on a strong foundation.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 24.02.2009
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