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Aaron Minsky - Author
  Well, I'm officially an author now ... I sold a book!

Yes, it wasn't exactly the grand beginning I had hoped for, but I did get to speak publicly about my book, Beyond Faith, and take questions. I found the conversations to be most thought provoking so I felt that my book really can do what it is intended to do - get people thinking and talking about the divisions in society and the solutions. The question is: do enough people care about this, and are they willing to plop down $25 to buy the book?

I also got to perform my Pacific Northwest Suite with Dave Tobey on violin. It felt good to play the piece and the audience also got into it. Overall it was an interesting event with a lot of mingling and an unusual mix of people. The environment was really cool too, to be in a room full of Tobey's brilliantly colored paintings. The whole thing seems like some kind of weird dream now that its over. But I guess that's what happens when you mix music, art, and religious literature together in a gallery in Chelsea, NY!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 22.02.2009
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