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Party, Party!
  It is a nice idea but for some reason I don't feel motivated to go. I mean, I would go if it was near where I live now, but to get to Mil Basin is about a 1&1/2 hour drive each way, and it would probably be on a night when I have a gig. On top of that most of the people would probably people I don't know, and some I probably am glad I forgot. I suppose that's the way it is at most reunions, but in our case our Junior High School had about 3,000 kids. Even back then I only knew a fraction of them.

Yesterday I had a reunion of sorts. I got together with the guys from Connecticut who helped with the Celtar album. Scott Guberman, of course, did keys, vocals, bass, and recording. Mark Paradis played guitar on Bird Song. Johnny Chang played the "cardboard box" on Bellly Button Ring, and did the video shoot and editing. It's been a year since I was out there, after spending dozens of days out there last year. So we spilt a bottle of Champagne and listened to the CD on Scott's amazing speakers and generally had a "party".

There were "issues" that came up towards the end of the recording sessions because the project took much longer than anyone expected and there were some clashes of opinion over the final mixes and the video, but a year has gone by and at this point everyone was happy to see each other again and to toast our success!

Long live CELTAR!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 16.02.2009
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