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Sitting cross legged on the floor
  That was a great post. I could just see the scene there at the Kibbutz with people from around the world. And I could feel the passions. Yet, as you said, the people remained friends and shared their feelings.

So are you saying that it was these experiences in Israel that have made you so sympathetic?

You still didn't say why you are a Christian. As in the kibbutz, anything can be said here. If it is just a deep feeling of faith, then that is your right. If it is just keeping continuity with your family history that is fine too. Maybe you have intellectual reasons. Or maybe you see it as a positive force in the world. Unlike that guy Phil who I quoted below, you don't wear it on your shoulder and you don't seem to have an agenda that you are pushing. So I would be curious as to what makes you identify that way knowing what you know.

Meanwhile on my video response to the Penn & Teller youtube video called, "The Bible is Bullshit" I have quite a heated debate (if you can call it that, with a few devout atheists). As you experienced, these are people who don't want to get distracted by the facts or blinded by the truth.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 07.02.2009
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