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Christians for Moses?
  LN, you are certainly unique in my experience. You see beyond the mistakes of Christianity, such as "replacement theology". You see the problems with the Vatican and the over organizing of the Church. You support Israel against its Muslim opponents. I just wonder why you are a Christian at all. Have you ever considered becoming a Noachide? Or just being a person with no religious affiliation who is interested in the Bible and supports the Jewish people?

I can understand you not wanting to discuss the money changers if you don't know enough about it. Actually that is a smart approach. So many people discuss things they don't know anything about. I find especially that many people out there put down Judaism, or lump it in with other religions and then put down "religion" as if all religions were the same. Those people would do a better service to the world to talk less and learn more. But just from a logical point of view, doesn't it seem that grabbing a whip and physically attacking people is not the best way to show that you are a "holy" person? In this episode Jesus seems to be more like Mohammed than the Jesus we usually see. I find it odd that the authors of the NT would have included this story as it really pokes a hole in the concept of Jesus being perfect.

About Hitler - you are right that he was not a Christian. He was coming from the New Age movement. That website is very enlightening about the Thule Society, Madame Blavatsky, and the whole concept that humanity must move beyond the "Judeo-Christian" ideas about God and morality into a "New Age". But also on that website we see that the New Age movement portrays Jesus as Maitreya, a god who is necessary and powerful for the future of humanity. Yet they portray the "Jewish" God as evil and representing a force (and a people) that must be destroyed for the world to advance into the New Age. So, even if Hitler was not a Christian, he still was part of a group that cast Jesus and his followers in a good light, and God and His followers in a bad light.

Hitler also led a Christian nation. He led a nation that had been taught the concept that God could become a man. In fact, Jesus is said to be an example of God becoming a man. This is a major move away from the Jewish idea that God could never become a man; that He is unknowable and "unseeable". The Christian mindset allowed the Christian Germans to accept the idea that Hitler was God. They prayed to him, they worshipped him, they took oaths to live and die in service to him. It was not that hard to move their allegience from the god-man Jesus to the god-man Hitler.

Jews recoil at the idea of any man saying he is God. That is why Hitler felt he had to destroy the Jews. Jews are programmed to never accept such a thing. Christians, apparently, are programmed to easily move from one god-man to another. That is why Christians are not seen as a threat to the New Age movement. Neither are Muslims. They believe in total "submission" to God. If you can convince them that Hitler is God, boom, they will submit to him! But Jews are taught to never submit to anyone! That is why the Jews are the perennial threat to the establishment, and why in every generation there are those who seek to rid the world once and for all of the Jews.

So, I wonder why you would not join with the Jews, not as a Christian, but as a free thinking human being who sees the value of keeping alive the concept of free thinking and the people who represent it. You don't have to answer these questions, but I am expressing what goes through my mind when I think about you. In any case, you have definitely opened some doors of thought and perception for me, especially regarding the "Rainbow Swastika", which is more than I can say about most people. Thanks!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 07.02.2009
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