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  First of all, of course the money changers were in the Temple, in Jerusalem! What was I thinking?

To start with the easy Q and working back: I grew up attending a mainstream protestant church, but donot identify with it anymore for several reasons. For now I'll just repeat what I referred to some months ago - that thanks to the bible studies ago with a Jewish lady, my and my family's eyes were opened to this whole replacement theology thing, something that even still is anchored in the very documents that are read when a child is baptised in our churches. Texts which have never been corrected, which I think is hypocritical behaviour from the church(es): they (even the RC church, think of the Vatican's Nostra Aetate in the 1960's) donot officially state anymore that the church has taken the place of the Jewish people, that the church is "spiritual" Israel, but - they haven't cleaned up all the references in the official documents! Personally, I think the institute "church" can become too "institutional", too powerful, the extreme of which one sees in the RC church, or the Vatican as almost an empire in itself and the Pope being "infallible". All this over-organising can easily take away from what is really going on between us as a human beings and God, our Creator.

It is true that before discussing, we'd need to have some consensus about whether we consider the NT translation as we have it now is historically accurate. I remember there have been attempts to "undo" its hellenistic influences (after all most of it was written in Greek) and consequently reverse-engineer into Hebrew from there. Also, there are several books by Pinchas Lapide in which he explains many passages where misunderstandings and lack of knowledge of Jewish tradition have influenced the translators and obscured the original texts. I think what needs to be studied, too, is all the references to the OT in what Jesus said.

Yes, christians are raised to see Jesus as perfect. Because they believe He is the Son of God, so He could not sin. So what happened in the Temple must have been really really upsetting. Here I found some comments on the money changer affair, but this is just one of many, many discussions about it. I refer to it, because right now, I feel I donot yet know enough to discuss it.

Von Cello wrote: Did he strengthen Judaism and bring more people into the Jewish fold? In fact, he did the opposite. He created a schism that still plagues Jews to this day. His followers became the ones who launched the Crusades and the Inquisition. Not to mention the Holocaust. Jesus himself said you will know a man "by his fruits". Boy, those are some fruits!

Wait-wait! You go too fast. Hitler who launched the Holocaust a.o. may have referred to Luther's anti-semitic writings, but one cannot say that he was a follower of Jesus. Check out Hannah Newman's analyses for more on the background of nazi racist thinking. Yes, there were many people who went to church on Sundays and called themselves christians and yet didnot have the courage to stand up for the rights of the Jews and save their lives, and we're talking Germans and Dutch and many European nationalities. On the other hand, most of those who did, did so based on their christian faith. At least, as far as I have read of Dutch people involved in hiding Jews.

What about my first Q, from the first of the three posts, In retrospect?

Fight Canarsie and atheism? 'um, we need to fight Jihad first! Seriously. That's one war where we need weapons like words of logic, facts, reason and truth. That's a war we can, no, must fight together. Btw, whatever happened to Edward? Edward, are you still here?
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 06.02.2009
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