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  LN, thanks for your great links.

As to your comments, hmmm ...

Well, I do appreciate the way you approach things. You seem to be intellectually honest and not pushing an agenda like the guy below. I am curious about how you define yourself in terms of if you belong to a particular sect, or however else you would explain it.

Your comment that there may have been some problems in the synagogue is reasonable. For one thing, there were no synagogues when Jesus was alive. The actual Temple still stood and according to the NT (New Testament) Jesus was criticizing the Temple authorities. I guess it would be in a way like criticizing the Pope today.

Let me also say that I don't believe we can trust that the NT is giving us an unbiased account of Jesus. It was indeed edited by the Romans in the Council of Nicea, and all other versions were destroyed. So who knows what was changed or what other evidence was destroyed. But for the sake of this conversation let's say it is accurate.

What is the proper way for a Jew to criticize the authorities running the Temple? Is it to call them a "den of Satan", "vipers" and other terms that the NT quotes from the mouth of Jesus? Is it to go with a bullwhip and attack people who were doing business in front of the Temple? Suppose someone today did that on Wall Street ... just took out a whip and started attacking bankers ... hey, that might not be a bad idea! But seriously, what if someone didn't like what you do for a living? Does that give them the right to whip you in public?

Christians are raised to see Jesus as perfect. But from a Jewish perspective the way he handled his differences with the Temple establishment are way out of bounds. They do not seem to Jews to be the actions and words of a holy person, let alone God. And what was the result? Did he strengthen Judaism and bring more people into the Jewish fold? In fact, he did the opposite. He created a schism that still plagues Jews to this day. His followers became the ones who launched the Crusades and the Inquisition. Not to mention the Holocaust. Jesus himself said you will know a man "by his fruits". Boy, those are some fruits!

The good news is that there are Christians today who are admitting to these problems and seeking real solutions to create solidarity with Jews. Let's hope that continues. Then together we can fight the atheists like Canarsie!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 04.02.2009
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