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In retrospect
  No, I am not at all surprised by antisemitism coming from the Vatican. Unfortunately so. Neither am I saying that the protestant churches are clean. There is much to be ashamed of. I could write a long post.

I wrote unbelievable because I cannot understand that the Pope, as a German (and he was a teenager during WWII) rehabilitated this very bishop - and why esp. now? To put fuel on the anti-semitism on the rise? What agenda is behind this? A mere mistake? You don't revoke something overlooking the fact why it was installed in the first place. Did it happen in his name, was it organised by people who advised him? Then what was their agenda? A lot of German "flak" here:

As for your last post, Aaron what do you mean exactly by After all, the justification as to why Jesus had to come in the first place is that the Jews did not properly execute their function as the people of God. , or rather, is this what christians tell you or christian theology or do you refer to some passage in the NT? Just curious.
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 04.02.2009
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