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  By the way, the Vatican pardoning a Holocaust denying priest is not unbelievable to me. The more you know about what really goes on behind the scenes, the more this constant negativity toward Israel and the Jews makes sense. On some level the very foundation of Christianity is anti-Jewish. After all, the justification as to why Jesus had to come in the first place is that the Jews did not properly execute their function as the people of God. This right there is an attack to the jugular of Judaism. The image of Jesus as the loving peace maker does not take into account the fact, according to the New Testament, that he also insulted the leaders of Israel, called Jewish sages a "den of Satan", whipped the money changers, and did several other things that were hostile and disrespectful.

Now a Christian would argue that all of those things were good and Jesus knew better than the people he attacked. But a Jew would disagree. So right from the start Christianity is on some level an attack on Judaism.

Thankfully there are Christians who have moved beyond this low levell of thinking and have embraced Israel and the Jews. But the fact that there are others who have not, including high level leaders, does not surprise me at all. It is sad, but it is nothing new. The question of what can we do about it ... that is the hard one to answer.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 04.02.2009
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