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holocaust2.0 out of beta today
  who knows aaron says>
theres 1 way to find out..the next attack israel can just planes taks,,just parying and maybe youll be right on it.. in everywar everside the camps jews parayed but went to the ovens anyway..was it gods desire to see little joseph watch his mom die?
new JEW 2.0 now out of beta..improved user interface now from home.easier operation no candles no challs no missing saturday night football,better sharing and most of all more options.
you can use the free version here or download the pay version which includes free upgrades ,as jews change you can remain a jew although you dont practice it all.comes with free holocaust 2.0.
the new holocaust and all the new software like faceout book and of course hotasanoven mail.dont miss out on the new holy messenger with chat now called yenta2.0. and theres more..if you order now you get absolutely free
  Author: G O D
Eintrag from 28.01.2009
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