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  Thanks LN. Sometimes I think Steve is just looking to create controversy. But it is possible he really does not understand how religion is entwined in society. Here is a quote from that link you posted:

What came out of this war: A sense of spiritual faith, strengthened and grateful.

Elie told me that during the war, hundreds of pairs of tzitzit - a four-cornered garment with strings that men are commanded to wear - were distributed. The army simply could not keep up with demand. Elie told me that five pairs of tefillin (phylacteries - a religious article that is tied to the arm and to the head during the prayers - typically in the morning, that contains parchment with words from the Torah), were donated to his unit and it was in constant use throughout the day. One boy who is not religious at all - put on tefillin every day of the war. These are the shields of Israel, a vital part of who we are and as our sons faced this war, they understood this.

From the most religious to the most secular - even perhaps those who say they don't believe - still prayed for the safety of our soldiers and our southern residents.

Steve would scoff at this, but who knows what benefit these spiritual acts may bring? And the fact is, many soldiers do them and believe they help.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 28.01.2009
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