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!without headline!
  there are no religious people in the brokers office either..wen they get the big return they never remember the promise they made to god "if i win big ill help the poor.ill donate half to charity" When they pik up the winning they forget all that and become aethiests..all mine!!

israel lets people off military service if they are religious very religious but israel doesnt depend on them at all,its just lip service to our past a belief in a god from our past.. however ive never seen israel sit back and hit hard with prayer,,usually its f16s,,in gaza i didnt see any praying against rockets or nyt articles slamming jews for destoying buildings with prayers...

headline..israel prays down a terror center in gaza..too much paryer kills arabs..
  Author: G O D
Eintrag from 28.01.2009
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