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Face the book
  Do a search on Youtube for Facebook. There are videos claiming that it was funding by groups linked to the CIA and that basically, whatever you upost on there goes into data bases that help the government and corporations to know who your friends are, what groups you identify with, and other things. The video also said that in the agreement you must sign to join you give them the rights to use anything you post there, including photographs, for whatever use they may want forever. Sounds pretty sinister.

As to your point about the Jews, I agree that we have a long history of people turning on us. I agree that we can't trust that non-Jewish nations will never turn on us again. But I think you should realize that taking the moral high ground helps us survive. Just use logic - who would you rather help, Ghandi or Hitler? Good people will always want to help other good people. And I think the majority of people are good, otherwise the good and moral people and nations would not survive.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 26.01.2009
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