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Beacon of Hope
  There is always the possibilty that any small country can be isolated. You are right that if Israel lost the support of the U.S. it could find support with the Russians or the Chinese, but if all three withdrew their support? Look at Iraq. Who came to its defense? No one. Saddam was such an evil character that no one felt that he was worth saving. He was one who believed that might made right and being strong was the only answer.

Good leaders also get overthrown, but generally countries that behave are left alone. Could you imagine someone trying to take over Switzerland? How about Norway or Sweden? Everyone leaves them alone. Granted Israel cannot be like them because it is surrounded by sick people who won't stop attacking. But even in this bad situation the more moral Israel acts, the more friends it will have.

The world looks to Israel to be an example of morality. Many people know deep inside that the Jews are still a beacon of morality in the world despite their many enemies and detractors.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 26.01.2009
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