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Oh Great Marcus
  Oh Great Marcus you have a good point. But tell me this, what happens if the U.S. stops shipping arms to Israel? And what if no one else takes their place? And what if the U.S. and its allies start giving all the Arab neighbors tons of weapons, and all kinds of special training. In fact, suppose the U.S. led a coalition to put an embargo on Israel and virtually starved its citizens. In other words, if Israel ever would lose the pipeline through which it gets its military weapons and its support, then where is your argument about might makes right?

I agree that Israel should be strong. I agree that Jews must fight their enemies just like any other people. But I still believe the moral answer is the stronger one in the long term. The Jews are still here today, not because they were stronger than everyone else, but because they had a strong sense of morality and therefore always had many non-Jews who would help them against their enemies. And in the future, I believe it is Jewish morality that will protect the Jews from destruction. All the arms in the world could not protect such a tiny nation if the world organized to destroy it. But there will always be those who will help the Jews because of all the good the Jews do in the world.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 25.01.2009
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