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  your making me into gangas kan,im just a guy who woke in israel to reality in rabbis just tanks no bibles just fantoms..we bet our money on the worst case scenerio..if not all jews would be required to be 3 yrs not in tsahal but in bible school..talmud or torah training.
i think people are secure with my attitiude of i will respect your strengh and you respect mine.wen u drive a car you could easily be killed by the guy goin opposite direction headon..but your not scared at all cause you trust his desire to live to be equal to yours.we respect each other cause we know if he wants to kill me he too will die.most people are like this and jews are repspected for people on this good earth have the power today to wipe out all others without the pcssibility of their being wiped out as well. this is good this is right, this is marcus
  Author: G O D
Eintrag from 25.01.2009
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