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Sympathetic vs. Pathetic
  If there was no sympathy, then why did the U.N. vote to give Israel to the Jews? I would agree that there were those who thought that the Arabs would wipe out the Jews. I'm sure there were others who thought they could use the Jews to get a foothold in the mideast. But I also believe there were those who looked at the history of the Jews, looked at the Holocaust, and decided it was about time the Jews were able to go back to their homeland to govern themselves. Don't forget there were people during the war who risked their lives to save Jews and to rescue Jews. So there was clearly at least some sympathy.

You seem to believe that as a Jew you are hated by virtually the whole world. Yet you have ideas that would not endear yourself to many people. Why would anyone feel sympathy for someone who says that might makes right and whoever has the power to kick someone's ass should do so? That is why I think it is more effective to talk about morality and doing what is right. In the end force does not seem to win, but winning hearts and minds, that is where the long-term victory lies.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 24.01.2009
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