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All you need is love ...
  Marching and protetsting is different than arming and killing, wouldn't you say? The women didn't kill anyone, and neither did the blacks. It was non-violent struggle.

And, by the way, the Jews got Israel back in a non-violent struggle. It was given to them by a vote in the United Nations. The Jews got Israel back, not because the fought and killed people, but because the Nazis fought and killed them! It was out of sympathy that the majority of countries agreed to give Israel back to the Jews. But according to your logic, the world should have voted with the Nazis because they were stronger. The fact is it was non-violence that led the Jews home!

Sure, once they were given the country they had to fight to defend their land. But defense is much more justifiable than aggression. Israel is a living example that love, persistance, and patience has its rewards.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 23.01.2009
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