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rights are paper dreams
  in america the ignorant get arrested and the public defender defends them..but in the world ,theres no pd.if you know your rights you must be your own public defender.. the blacks got ahead by marching fighting kiking ass .they were freedas slaves cause the northern factory owners wanted them as chesap labor and they were being held tightly by the southern plantationn slave owners so lincoln freed themm. you are rewriting our history into one of love logic and rights . even the usa enteredd ww 2 to stop hitler cause he got too powerful.. no body gave a crap about jews or body felt guilty so he she opened the fridge to share.. tell the guy in africa whos hungry that he has the right to eat and he will ask you wheres the food?
the loveboat was a fantasy.
love american style was bolony.
even woman got the right to vote cause they marched and fought. no love just female balls..
  Author: G O D
Eintrag from 23.01.2009
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