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rights without force are llike bagles without a knife
  having a right doesnt mean others are obligated to then give it to you. theres no court of 'right" hungry in africa have a right but they die and we do fact we overeat!!
your right is yours to defend.unlike the nypd theres no international police anymore..
spaeaking like this online strengthens israel as it tells others we are a people. andwe will defend not our right but our desire to be!!
if you base it all on right ,then like all rights..'the right to keep slaves,the lack of right for woamn to vote ,the right to collect tax from the american colony without representation" then that right can be taken away or i thhink youre wrong to say israel has a right may but its all based on desire to be and defending your desire with have the right to a fair trial but so many never really get one ..rights are crap!!hunger in africa poverty in s america..if the poor know they have the right to food but they needd to make it happen if they want to eat..rights alone dont put food on the table..its desire to take the food...admit it already!!!
  Author: G O D
Eintrag from 23.01.2009
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