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Dodge Ball
  You know what I mean. If you were a non-Jewish German, would you support the Nazis? I don't see why you would not since you said that whoever is the most powerful deserves to rule. That was the Nazi belief too. Whereas the traditional Jewish view is that the most moral deserves to rule. You are on the side of the Nazis in this argument; are you not?

I don't believe there is ANY comparison between the Nazis and Israel. To say so is obscene to me. The Nazis believed that they had the right to conquer the world, to kill anyone they wanted, to commit the most heinous crimes, because they didn't believe in the Jewish code of morality.

Israel, to the extreme contrary, does not want to conquer the world, it does not want to kill anyone, and it tries to act morally. It only fights in self defense, as it is surrounded by people who are committed to its destruction. The Nazis were a worldwide big bully. Israel is a regional small fry trying to protect itself from the bullies that surround it. If Israel had its way all the people of the world of all nations would live together in freedom and peace. If the Nazis had their way, all the people of every nation except for Aryans would be exterminated in death camps, and they would rule the people who were left with total domination and a total lack of Jewish morality.

Do you not understand this?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 22.01.2009
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