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Black - Jewish Allliance
  The day before the inauguaration, Obama made a speech saying that it was time to bring back the Black - Jewish alliance. Jews were very involved in the civil rights movement in America back in the 1950's and 60's. Even Martin Luther King acknowledged the Jewish role and expressed support for Israel and Zionism. He saw it as a civil rights movement for Jews.

Then, somehow there was a falling out. It seems to me it came from the black community, but maybe that is just my perception. Suddenly there was all this talk about "Jewish landlords" and "Jewish merchants" taking money out of the black community. Years later you heard the same thing about Koreans and other imigrants. There were also problems over affirmative action. Many Jews, especially from the poorer area (like Canarsie) saw getting into a good college as a way out of a tough neighborhood, yet Jews were being turned away as colleges were allowing in blacks and others with lower grades. This created a lot of frustration.

Then came Jesse Jackson's run for president during which it came to light that he had insulted the Jewish people and called New York, "Hymietown", a derogatory name. I know for myself that I was sadened and outraged that a man of this character could still get something like 95% of the black vote!

Obama has handled himself much differently. He has the skill of reaching out to people of all backgrounds. Right now he seems to be all things to all men. Everyone hears him talking to THEM. Time will tell what this man is really all about, but for now we can at least hope that he can do what no other major politician has been able to do for many years, and that is to bring people together.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 21.01.2009
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