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  Happened to check out the same vid and not see Canarsie.

At least it reminded me I love the Spanish language, and more so, these Spanish ppl for taking a stand! And Spanish police for allowing them to do so openly. Ashamed to say, but eh ... here in Amsterdam, police actually discouraged a pro-Israel rally (10 days ago) - ppl then combined with one that had already been organised in The Hague (I missed it, didnot read about it until a few hours after it had taken place).

You know, I can follow the reasoning of the police, but it is dhimmi attitude and that's not what we need. Dhimmi in inch by inch and you've created your own ghetto in the long run. It is precisely those subtle, fractional, seemingly justifiable steps that do the trick. Aargh!
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 19.01.2009
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