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Religious Morality
  I have nothing against atheists. Some of my best friends are atheists. But one thing I think is negative about some atheists is a combative and negative attitude toward religion. But one thing that I have noticed is that religion at its best can breed people of higher morals than we find in most atheists. (Of course certian religions can breed people of lower morals than most atheists.) But I think here of people like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King ... all influenced by a deep religiosity.

I have played at hunderds of Orthodox Jewish weddings and at many of them I would see this very shabbily dressed guy, who actually looked like an Orthodox Jewish bum, standing outside asking people for money. I was offended in a way that this guy would go to weddings where people come to dress up, feel good, and enjoy a special time, and stand outside looking like a bum and making people feel guilty with his hand out.

I brought this up to a religious friend of mine and he said, "You don't know about him?" Then he told me that this guy lives in poverty. He doesn't take any of the money for himself. He just goes from wedding to wedding collecting charity. He is extremely religious and moral and believes that the best thing he can do in thiis world is to spend as much time as possible raising money to help other people. He really is a saint!

I have never seen such behavior from an atheist. Maybe there are some who do act like this, but I have not seen or heard of anyone. So, it seems to me, that religion, mitzvahs, guides to a higher morality, can be very helpful to society. At its best, religion can push us into better behaviors than we would ever do on our own.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 16.01.2009
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