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Milk and meat ... bad. But why?
  Canarsie: dont forget that mitsvah is obligation not recommendation..

Really? And what happens if I don't do this "obligation"? I think you have a very rigid view of Jewish law.

i prefer to follow my heart my ethics.

And should that be true of everyone? Everyone should just make up whatever "ethics" they want? In the end, most people do follow their own path to some extent or other, but some people's "ethics" are very selfish and uncaring towards others.

id never let you die under a car even if a mitsva said its gods will..

There is no such mitzvah. But you can learn a lot about just how good a person could be by studying Jewish ethics. The sages get into incredible detail. For instance, do you know why it is unkosher to mix milk and meat? If you don't then you are missing a very important lesson in ethics.

in DR HOUSE theeres jus such an episode with a jewish orthocouple refusing a the end they find a way to wiggle out of the obligation and take the treatment..the husband says..god wont mind or ill pay later when im up there..

I didn't see the show but they don't sound very educated in Judaism. Almost any law can be voided if it will save a life.

i dont see your point..u r defending 1 religion using that 1 religions rules ideas..

I don't believe I am "defending" a religion. I think I am trying to explain it.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 15.01.2009
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