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  you can invent your own religion by taking ala carte from another religion.
you can even give it a name like lutheran after it broke from catholic..But if you want to call yourself using the name of any established religion youve got to follow its rules.if you only like somke of them then you are not really in that religion..its like mcdonald is burgers and kfc is chicken and pizzahut is pizza,,you cannot calle yourself pizzahut but decide to sell burgers,,pizzahut will take away your franchise,,as the church has done many times to its nonfollowers..religion is not flexible its not democratic its a dictatorship of rules ,,im not a jew religiously but tribally wife one day had the guts to declare herself not catholic cause its the religion she never really fully practiced.she was ala carte,abd one she said either i form a new religion that comes from cathlic or ijust stop calling myself caatholic..
  Author: G O D
Eintrag from 14.01.2009
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