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Steve's God
  First of all, Judaism does personalize God. There were pagans who believed that there was a God but He had nothing to do with humanity. One of the main contributions the Jews made to theology was the concept of a personal God; the idea that God is great enough to keep the heavens in motion and ALSO be concerned about the day to day life of every single person, not to mention even animalls and insects.

Yes, God could have created any universe He wanted to, and according to new scientific theories, there may be an infinite number of universes beyond what we can see with our eyes. But the Jewish belief is that the universe we live in IS perfect. It IS the best possible universe for us. Judaism teaches you to SEE the perfection. Whereas you see imperfection.

So who is correct? The greatest sages of a people who have survived for 3,500 years, or Steve?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 14.01.2009
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