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Only one GOD ... and YOU are not it!
  Good try Steve, but everyone knows that if God were to post to a guestbook He would use capitals and correct grammar!

The thing you seem to miss in your understanding about the Jewish concept of God is that there is a World to Come. Judaism states that God is good and fair, a true judge who cannot be swayed. God is looked upon in a similar way to the law of Karma. Whatever you gave will come back to you, the good and the bad. Yet we often see in this world that the good die young and the evil prosper. Judaism says that it will all balance out. In fact, the greatest rewards are in the after life. Indeed the Torah states that God gives the evil their full reward in this world so that He will not owe them anything in the next. Whereas the righteous will reap the greater rewards in heaven. You may not believe this, but the point is that according to Judaism, death is actually a great thing, if you lived a good life. So the world that you say would be better, or perfect ... a world without death, would actually be a much worse world.

Now, you could argue that God should just give us all the goodness of the afterlife in this life, but then we would never get the chance to be valiant, to do mitzvahs, to do good deeds, to fight the good fight, to grow in self-esteem and the esteem of others. Perhaps Judaism is right that the best and most perfect world is the one in which you get the chance in life to achieve greatness, and then get to experience an even greater joy in the next world.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 13.01.2009
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