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Let's get theological
  Canarsie: the first kid ever to ask his dad how can there be a god if theres misery got yourresponse..god creates misery to test ..Thats not true.. god wouldnt do that. if theres god theres perfection and god wouldnt screw are personifying god.. if gods perfect then hed create a perfect world..

Who are you to say what God is and what He would do? There are scholars who have spent their whole lives studying various traditions that have come down through the ages. And you think that YOU know all the answers?

First of all, who's to say that the world is not perfect? You are a human. We can't even begin to understand what perfection really is because we are not perfect.

In any case, what do you define as "perfect"? Would the world be perfect without death? After all, death is the thing people most dread. But if there was no death, how could there be life? If there was no pain, how could we recognize pleasure? If there was no bad, how could we recognize good?

If you were God, would you make a world of robots where no one had the capacity to do bad, to think for himself, to even be able to deny and insult you the God who created your creatures?

What in God's name is the perfect world that you say God must make to prove He is God?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 13.01.2009
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