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!without headline!
  look around .you are saying that the poor homeless are such cause theyre idiota lazy its in their hands but they are shmucks..i thinkthey are poor (south america ,africa ) cause the kick assers kicked their asses and they needto kick ass to get a piece of our pie..
We arent right to sit pretty while they suffer but we do sit pretty and you know they suffer but we dont care..we really dont. We talk about it, we read it, we say o no,and o god ,and help them,,but after we swing into our cars and go shopping ..We arent right,its not fair and it isnt their fault,,its OURS> not our people our histor or our neighbores,,its us..we are directly connected to their suffering.and they to our pleasure. We can try to think its gods will but thats bolony. Its us,we like our fat houses and cars and we dont want to give them up so we even use god to ease our pian. GOd helped us up and theyre down cause its gods will. Its us its you its me,,No right in this world,just a big connected mass of people goods. some get some dont some share some rob..but at night in the dark you know the truth the scarey hard dark stinking truth ..We are the problem NO. we arent the problem cause there is no problemm. Haves have nots is not a problem,its reality its the way. Its you and me
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 13.01.2009
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