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Israel Is Real
  Do I think that Israel is necessary for Jewish survival?

Yes. Jewish history proves that almost everywhere the Jews settled there were problems. There were riots against them. There were expulsions. There were round ups, and genocide. So clearly the Jews need a homeland where they control the government. Anyone who opposses that is essentially calling for the Jews to be killed, since we know historically, that is what happens.

Will it happen in the U.S. and other places like Spain? It seems unlikely now, but it seemed unlikely in Germany too. History tells us that times change and the pattern is that eventually someone rises to power who attacks or tries to wipe out the Jews.

If the Jews were a people who just wanted power and the ability to kick everyone's ass, then I would say they should not have a homeland. Why should the world allow an evil people to gain power? But since most Jews are peaceful and have moral values, and since Israel stands for those values, I think they deserve their place in the sun.

The Arabs have at least 100 times the amount of land. They have oil out the whazoo. They have Mecca. They have Medina. They do not need that tiny strip of land that we call Israel. They don't even need the West Bank or Gaza. But the Jews actually NEED their country. History proves that it is a matter of survival for the Jews.

So, if you argue from the grounds of fairness, of need, of survival, I think a strong case can be made. But if you argue that whoever has the might is right, you will probably loose in the end.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 13.01.2009
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