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the law of the jungles is written on the leaves
  what have you died for? what bdo you believe in strong enuf that you have died? NOTHING so i am to conclude that you believe not strongly. If im wrong using your own logic then we are both wrong..youve never died for israel yet its importnant to you but not are a rabbi at heart and i guess im a commando..If we had been born back in israel 2000 yrs ago,youd be rabbi and id be fighting..
even lions have rules to live the jungle. The law of the jungle is not dog eat dog, its survival is best in THE GROUP.cooperating sharing .Lions live like this without written law or GOD.its the real law of the jungle..never was never will be DOG EAT DOG..thats chaos and the jungle is very well organized in groups subgroups leadership ranking and sharing love caring aLL WITHOUT GOD OR POLICE OR LAW..THATS BURKES LAW
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 13.01.2009
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