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Franklin D. Roosevelt
  About two hours north of New York City lies the home of Franklin Roosevelt, the president during much of WWII. I have been there a few times and find it a very interesting place. You can actually see the office where he sat with Churchill and planned his strategy against Hitler. You can still see the old furniture. You can take a walk out back and imagine what was going through his head when he took in the fresh air outside on his property.

One thing that is stressed in the exhibit is the fact that there was no guarantee that the Allies would win. The war went on for several years. Millions of people, and I mean millions, died. Hitler was a fearsome enemy and Roosevelt threw all he had against him.

Hitler's belief was that might made right. That he had to breed a "master race" of people who were unshackled by what he called the infections that the Jews put on humanity, namely morality and conscience. Through all kinds of weird occult rituals the Nazis tried to train people to be able to commit the worst kinds of brutality without flinching, without regret, without care.

Roosevelt was leading a nation that stood for freedom and democracy, that believed in equality, that said that "all men are created equal", and stressed the ideals of compassion and fair play. And who won? The anti-Jewish master race or the people of Judeo-Christian morality?

You can't say the U.S. was stronger. It was a close fight and even the president did not know who would win.

If Hitler won then you could argue that the worship of power is the ultimate road to success. But he lost. His idea lost. His world vision lost. The compassionate vision won. The "all men are created equal" people won. Kindness beat brutality. Love beat hate.

To me this is one of the greatest arguments for the belief that there is a compassionate "father" above us in heaven. Because we are born with an innate understanding of love, of equality, of compassion. People know that unbridled power is wrong, and when it gets out of hand, they band together to bring it down. Why is that? It didn't have to be that way. But, in fact, we live in a world where the fittest do survive, and the fittest are the most moral, the most kind, the most loving. This planet crushes the haters and spits them out.

Perhaps that's why they say, "God is love".

Steve, with your belief that might makes right, and the strongest man wins, you are on the side of the haters ... the losers of history. It is amazing to me that you stand with Israel, not out of love of the Jewish Bible, or love of Jewish morality, or love of Jewish destiny, but simply out of the belief that might makes right and you have to kick ass or get yours kicked. Sure, you have to be strong. You have to defend yourself. You have to be willing to fight and even die for your beliefs, BUT your beliefs have to be worth dying for.

People are always looking around and deciding who to support. If I was not Jewish and thought that all Jews thought like you, I would not support the Jews. I would support those who are struggling to make the world a better, more compassionate, more moral place. Not the ones who want to kick everyone else's ass! And that is why the world felt sympathy for the Jews after WWII. And that is why they voted to let the Jews go back home. It was out of compassion for a people who went like lambs to the slaughter, like the way Jesus went to the cross.

Now, today, many of those same people criticize Israel for defending itself. They say, "Aha, now Israel is acting like a Nazi". But I know that this is not true. LN knows it too or she would not be a supporter. Israel cannot act exactly like Jesus because Israel is not going to come back from the dead. Israel has to stay alive. But Israel seeks peace. Israel seeks a better world. And that goodness is Israel's greatest strength. NOT American bombs and rockets. It's Israel's foundation in morality, the morality of the Bible, that keeps people around the world rooting for her success.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 12.01.2009
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