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Misunderstanding the concept of God
  "God helps those who help themselves."

The Jewish concept of God is not some guy in the sky that does everything for you. Even when the Jews were in the desert they constantly had to struggle. The main promise God makes in the Bible to the Jews is that they will survive and eventually be brought back into their land. But God never said He would carry them back on angels' wings. Even when they got Israel the first time they had to fight and many Jews had to die. So there were hardships, but in the end the Jews survived and entered the "promised land".

Same thing now. The Jews have to fight for the land, but in the end, at least so far, things have gone remarkably according to the plan laid out in the Torah.

And if your point is that "money and brians" helps the Jews survive, who gave them their brains? And who gave them their money? One of the main reasons the Jewish community in general (not all) does well financially is because Jews were persecuted and forced to live all over the world. This made the HAVE to get involved with banking, loans, investing, international trade. So here again, one can see the hand of God.

God in the Bible tells the Jews that they will be tested and they will be purified like iron in a fire. The Torah tells Jews they will suffer, they will have to fight, they will teeter on the brink of disaster, but God says, "I swear by My holy Name" that you will survive throughout time and "see My salvation".

It sounds unbelievable, and yet .... just look at the reality. The Jews did suffer, that made them smarter and taught them how to succeed in the world, and they are still here!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 12.01.2009
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