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The bigger they are...
  If your point is that a weaker one wins by getting an even stronger one on his side, that may be true, but who put that stronger one there? For instance, in the story of Chanukah, the Jews were fighting against the much larger Syrian Greeks. It looked like the Jews were going to loose but just then a bigger power attacked the Syrians and the Jews won! There was no lobbying, it was just "fate" or "the hand of God" that made it happen.

Perhaps it was coincidence, but in the case of the Jews the coincidences just keep coming and comiing. Same thiing happened when the Babylonians exiled the Jews. Jeremiah said they'd be back in 70 years and lo and behold the Persians come in and cruch Babylon!

Same thing happened in modern times. The Nazis thought they'd put an end to the Jews, but lo and behold the U.S. comes in and crushes the Nazis. Next thing you know the Jews are back again!

Maybe more important than "might" is intelligence, moral behavior, and even luck. But any unbiased observer would be amazed at how all these situations happened that led to the survival of the Jews.

King David in the Psalms said something like, "We escaped like a bird from a trap. We escaped and the trap caught our enemy. Who is like the Lord our God?"

And heres' the amazing part, the Psalms were written BEFORE the Babylonians, the Romans, the Syrians, and the Nazis.

Was David just lucky that this happened over and over again to his people? You may say yes, but it does not strike me as a logical answer. If this happened to the Jews, why doesn't it happen to everyone? Or even better, why doesn't it happen to anyone? What other nation has been attacked so many times by so many much larger nations and survived time and again while their attackers have fallen?

You, Canarsie, may find this meaningless, but there are a lot of people, including non-Jews who have taken note of this.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 12.01.2009
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