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What can we learn from David and Goliath?
  Yes, Hilter was stopped by the Allies who banded together and defeated him, but if you know the history you would know that the victory of the Allies was far from certain. For instance, Hitler was working on the atom bomb. In fact, it was one of his scientists who gave the U.S. the plans. So if the timing was a little different Hitler would have had the A bomb and he probably would have won. Then all the Jews in the world would have been rounded up and killed.

But that did not happen!

Who was responsible for the timinig? It certainly had nothing to do with might.

The fact is, moral nations seem to survive and evil nations or movements seem to fall. Yes, evil does have the ablilty to last for a while, but good always seems to triumph. The Babylonians fell, the Romans fell, the Nazis fell, the USSR fell. All of these movements are essentially gone today. Some of the people or their decendents remain, but the group is gone, the ideology is gone or discredited. Yet the tiny nation of Jews is still here. The group is still intact, the ideology is exactly the same after thousands of years.

So your thesis that might makes right and the most powerful deserves to be the king, actually doesn't seem to work in this world. In fact, the nation most responsible for promoting the concept of morality has outlived all the giants.

David beat Goliath, and he does it again and again!

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 12.01.2009
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