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Cardinal Renato Martino
  I shouldn't bring up the Inquisition but how dare a senior aide to the Pope bring up Holocaust imagery to describe a situation where Jews are defending themselves from those who would like to finish Hitler's work! Hamas says openly that they want to destroy Israel. They have also said that Jews around the world should be killed. They believe that God Himself wants the Jews destroyed. That puts them in the camp of Hitler. Now this hateful man brings up Holocaust imagery to describe what the Jews are doing to defend against 8 years of rocket attacks from these people?

I am not saying that I support the way Israel has handled the Gaza now or ever. But look at what other countries do for much less. Look what the U.S. did to Iraq and Afghanistan! If this is a concentration camp, what was Iraq during those early days of "Shock and Awe" ... an extermination oven?

What did the Pope do during the Holocaust when Jews were actually in concentration camps? Why didn't he speak out then? Where was Renato Martino back then? Where was his counterpart?

Yeah, its always easy to pick on the Jews. Sure, there's only 14 million of them. But the Nazis ... oh no, they were 60 million strong, and located in the Pope's backyard. So I guess might makes right. You speak out against the little guy defending himself, and you shut your mouth when the big guy rounds people up and throws them into ovens! But God forbid the little guy should try to use some might of his own. Oh no, then you jump on him, kick him, and accuse him of the atrocities of the big guy who tried to wipe him out!

This Cardinal is so disgusting words can't convey it. We cannot, nor should we, blame all Catholics for the sickness expressed by this one man, but if I were a Catholic, I would be calling for his resignation. This man is supposedly a holy man?

I wonder how he would react if someone bombed the Vatican with 10,000 bombs over 8 years. Let's see his reaction as the Michaelangelo statues get blown to bits, as the Sistine Chapel comes crashing in! Let's see his reaction when he and the Pope have to run to a bomb shelter several times a day, year after year!

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 11.01.2009
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