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my bagel your book
  wen catholics gave up believing in the new religion lutheran many catholics sais wat u now say ..we jews who dont believe in DOG are losing their religion.our ID but theses catholics formed a NEW religion called lutheran..maybe we jews like me need a new word like israeli american or hebrew people or jew and you call yourself jewISH..its not really a new religion more of a race like blacks or italians .i agree that the WORD jew jewish is not defined well anywhere.
it started with good old napoleaon he told the french jews to define themselves and we couldnt..
i could throw it back at you and say ..all the religion for 2000 yrs was the glue that held us together without a land and now that we have that land.????
maybe the religion is optional like italian catholic..some still say today that any italian who also doesnt practice catholic isnt really italian.ITS part of their culture.. italian who doesnt believe in god is like the pizza to my bagel..
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 11.01.2009
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