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From Gaza back to the word of God --->
  Creation vs evolution, or is the Torah and Tenach true, by a US evangelist:

Got linked here thru a site where I was reading up about a (cancelled) pro-Israel demo organised (by non-Jews) in Amsterdam that was - eh - discouraged / advised against by the police: it might evoke a dangerous situation .. pff - sissies, as if we ARE already under shariah, now I'm not a fan of demonstrations in general, and I know they are often abused by people who have a bad agenda - anarchists and the like, who end up demolishing cars/stores/shops (see Antwerp - Belgium pro-Hamas demo that almost got out of control) but this is bad bad reasoning.

Anyway, I'm checking out these vid's and find it mighty interesting! And it neatly brought me back from Gaza to the topic you guys were discussing - is the bible true? It's way way late here and I'm still watching.
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 10.01.2009
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